How to move presentation slide in powerpoint 2007

Very easy to move the slide that we have made, namely:
1. Click on the slide will be moved

2. Click the right mouse

3. Click the "cut" with the scissors

4. Place the cursor at the place where the slide will be moved, and press the right mouse

5. Click "Paste"

For more details, see pictures, Oke ...

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How to Create column in powerpoint 2007

To create a text arranged into several columns in newspapers as we can do the following manner:

1. Selection of text that we will make the field

2. Click the "column" in the group "paragraph" (It's in the home ribbon)

3. Akan show some amount of menu options in the fields you want, if you want outside of the column click more

4. Type the desired number of columns in the "number" and the menu settings spasinya "spacing"

5. Click OK.

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Insert table into slide PPT 2007

Now we will insert a table. The steps to do it are:

1. Click the ribbon insert

2. Click the table

3. Select the boxes corresponding to the row and column that we want.
Or by clicking to insert table

4. In the insert table dialog box, type the number of columns in the row "Number of columns"

5. For the number of line number when the line "Number of rows"

6. Click "OK"

Your table will be successfully inserted in the slide
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Insert picture / Image in to slide PPT 2007

To insert images in a our slide presentation , can be done in a way:

1. Click the ribbon insert

2. On Illustration group, click Picture

3. Appear when insert picture dialog box, locate the position where the image is saved with move down arrow on the line "Look In"

4. Click on the picture that we will insert

5. Click Insert

Pictures are now into our slide show
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